About Wonder City Comics

What started out as an active Ebay store under the user name Bojojenx is now a stand alone Comic book mail order website with real time scan,s and bundled shipping form a bronze internet seller.

My name is Robert Jenkins and I have been selling comic books since 2006 using the national standard of grading. I have great feedback testimonials and offer all books double boarded and bagged accompanied with safe shipping.

Why the name Wonder City?

Although the name Wonder City evokes thoughts of New York or a fictional place in comics, I chose it to define a place where all comic characters coexist together.

The motto of Wonder City is “Collecting your Imagination” and that is what this site is created to do by offering weekly updates on newly added back issues and an email registration for sales notifications.

It is my hope to do business with you.

Thank you for your time

Sincerely Robert Jenkins